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 We service and repair most types of old and new radio equipment. 

AnyTone  AT-5555, AM/CW/FM/SSB, 10/11 Meter, CB Mobile Transceiver

AnyTone AT-5555

Main Features

  • Affordable Analog Mobile Radio.

  • Built-in Echo Mike & Rodger Beep.

  • Build-in Frequency Readout.

  • Freq. Up/Dwn buttons on Microphone.


AnyTone AT-5555 Brochure

AT-5555 at Night

AnyTone AT-5555 User Manual

User's Manual

Not imported




Freq. coverage:
Total Number of Channels:
Frequency Control:
Frequency Steps:
Frequency Tolerance:
Frequency Stability:
Temperature Range:
Input Voltage:


25.615 - 30.105 MHz Programmable
360 - (6 Banks of 60 Channels each)
Phase Locked-Loop Synthesizer
10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz
-30? to +50?
DC 13.8V normal, 15.9V max; 11.7V min
Transmit: AM full mod 5A, SSB 21W PEP output 6A
Receiver: Squelched 0.6A




Other Features :

SSB: 0.25µ V for 10dB(S+N)/N
  AM: 1.0
µ V for 10 dB(S+N)/N 
  FM: 1.0 µ V for 20 dB (S+N)/N
SSB: 6 dB@2.1KHz,60dB @3.3KHz
AM/FM: 6dB@3KHz,50dB @9KHz
Automatic Noise Limiter, Noise Blanker
Build in Speaker and much more.


RF Output Power:
Other Features :

Continuosly Variable
12 Watt RF
40 Watt
30 Watt (PEP)
Built in Echo Microphone, and Rodger Beep.

Antenna and installation excluded

AnyTone  AT-5888UV, Dualbander Mobile Transceiver - Not imported anymore

Anytone AT-5888UV Transceiver-Thumb  Main Features 
  • Affordable Analog Mobile Radio. 
  • Use as 2 x VHF, 2 x UHF or VHF/UHF combination. 
  • Channel, Frequency or Name Readout. 
  • Remote control via Microphone. 

Anytone AT-5888UV Owner's Manual


AnyTone AT-5888UV User's Manual



Frequency coverage:


Transmit Output power:

Channel Spacing:

PLL Steps:


Operating Voltage:





  Receive 108-180 MHz AM/FM
               220-260 MHz FM
               350-400 MHz FM
               400-490 MHz FM

Transmit 144-146 MHz (Exp 136-174 MHz)
               430-440 MHz (Exp 400-490 MHz)

758 Channels

VHF - 50W/25W/10W/5W
UHF - 40W/25W/10W/5W

12.5Khz, 20Khz, 25Khz

2.5KHz, 5KHz, 6.25KHz, 10KHz, 12.5KHz, 15KHz, 20KHz, 25KHz, 30KHz, 50KHz

CTCSS, Digital Code Squelch, 2-Tone, 5-Tone & DTMF

13.8V DC ±15%

PTT ID and contact list;
Voice operated transmission (VOX);
Repeater/Talk around;
Busy channel lockout (BCLO);
Time-out Timer (TOT);
...and much more.

139mm width, 40mm height, 212mm depth


Not imported


GME GX300 29MHz / 27MHz AM MobileTransceiver

GME GX300 AM Transceiver

Main Features
Available in both white & black.

Dual Bander -
can operate on both 27MHz or 29MHz - user selectable


GME Brochure

Replaced by GME GX400

We still do repairs on the GME GX300.

Freq. coverage:

RF Output Power:




10 Preselected channels on 27MHz SA Citizen Band
23 Programable channels on 29MHz
(incl. the SA. Marine Band)

4.0 Watts RF Maximum

23 Channels on 29MHz 12.5KHz channel spacing
10 channels on 27MHz 10KHz channel spacing

AM only

Large back-lit LCD display with lamp dimming function.
Dual watch feature.
Rotary squelch control.
Programmable memory channel scan.
Remote channel change function microphone.
Advanced noise limiter (NL) circuitry.
Multiple mounting options (flush or gimbal mount).
User selection of Australian 27 MHz CB or 27 MHz marine channels.
Front mounted speaker.
Priority channel selector key
Ingress protection to IP55

Available in either black or white, the GX300 allows the user to easily switch between CB and marine mode. The compact design is approximately one third the depth of all other 27 MHz radios, allowing for shallow flush mounting installations.


  Icom IC-A110 Aeronautical VHF AM Transceiver

Frequency range:  118.000 - 136.975 MHz
 Channel spacing: 8.33/25 kHz auto selection or 25 kHz only (depending on version)

Capable of operating on 12V DC as well as 24V DC
Front mounted loud speaker,
Memory channel name capability
Side tone function;
Usable in extreme cold.

Icom IC-A110 


Instruction Manual


  Icom IC-F110 VHF / IC-F210 UHF - FM Transceiver

VHF OR UHF Mobile 128 Channel, 25 Watt, FM Transceiver.

8-Character alphanumeric display, multiple scan facility, programable buttons, 
time-out-timer, busy-channel-lockout,
built-in 2-tone, 5-tone, CTCSS, DTCS Encoder, decoder.

Icom IC-F110


Instruction Manual



 Kenwood TK-80 HF SSB Radio Telephone 

Freq. coverage: Receive: 100 KHz - 29.9999 MHz
  Transmit: 1.800 - 30.000 MHz

  Output power: SSB / CW / FSK 100 W
  AM (unmodulated signal 25 W)

  Channels: 80 Programmable channels.

  Remarks: All mode General Coverage Receiver.
  Internal or External Antenna Tuner options.
  Advanced Intercept Point (AIP) reduces background noise.
  CW full and semi break-in.

Kenwood TK-80


  Kenwood TK-280 VHF / TK-380 UHF Multi-Mode portable

 Freq. coverage: TK-280 - 148 ~ 174 MHz
                            TK-380 - 400 ~ 440 MHz

  Output power: TK-280 5W & 1W
                            TK-380 4W & 1W

  Channels: Max. 250 (Spacing 12.5 & 25 KHz)

  Coding: PTT ID & Digital Message System: 
                             various function such as PTT ID, CAD (computer-aided dispatch).

  Remarks: Complete with Desktop Charger,
                              Rubber duck Antenna,
                              KNB-17A 1500mAh Rechargeable Battery.



  Kenwood TK-2207 VHF / TK-3207 UHF Monoband Handheld transceiver

Freq. coverage: TK-2207 - 136 ~ 174 MHz
                                TK-3207 - 440 ~ 470 MHz
  450 ~ 490 MHz

  Output power: TK-2207   5W & 1W
                              TK-3207   4W & 1W

  Channels: 16  (Spacing 12.5 & 25 KHz)

  Coding: FleetSync PTT ID & SELCALLQuiet Talk / Digital QT / DTMF  

: Built-In Voice Scrambler & Voice Guide.
                             Comes complete
withDesktop KSC-31 Rapid Charger, 
                             Rubber duck Antenna,
  KNB-29N 1500mAh Rechargeable Battery



  Kenwood TK-7102 VHF / TK-8102 UHF Monoband Transceiver

VHF Mobile 4 Channel, 25 Watt, FM Transceiver.

Easy to operate with built-in QT/DCS Signalling.
Supplied complete with microphone, bracket &
DC power cable.

Kenwood TK-7102

Instruction Manual



  Kirisun PT3500 VHF or UHF Monoband Handheld transceiver

 Freq. coverage:  VHF - 136 ~ 174 MHz
                             UHF - 420 ~ 470 MHz

   Output power:  VHF 5W & 1W
                             UHF 4W & 1W

           Channels: 16 Channel
               Coding: CTCSS, DCS

            Features: Ultra compact design with Lithium Ion battery; 
                             Time-out-timer; Busy Channel Lockout;
                             Voice annunciation; Auto power-saving;
                             Busy channel lockout; Low battery alert;
                             Two colour LED;

        Accessories: Comes complete with KBC-33A Desktop Rapid Charger;
                              Rubber duck Antenna; KB-33L 1100mAH battery;
                              Belt clip; Hand strap

             Optional: Earphone / Mic Model HED-405UG for
                             handsfree operation.

 Kirisun PT3600 is the replacement model for this radio.

 Kirisun PT3500 Picture





  Motorola GM660 - UHF FM Transceiver

UHF Mobile 1 to 30 Watts FM Transceiver

Complete with microphone, DC Power Cable & 
mounting bracket.

This radio normally sells for R7100.00 Pricecheck

Motorola GM660


  User Manual


Please note:  We regret to inform you that QD is no longer in the Two-Way Radio business. However, we still offer a repair service on these old two-way radio products. We are not affiliated with QD in any way except for offering a service to their former clients. Please consider one of our other radios as a replacement.
  QD: 16C (Midband) / 16D (VHF) / 16E (UHF) Handheld Transceiver

     Freq. coverage: Type C -   66 ~   88 MHz
                                Type D - 134 ~ 174 MHz
                                 Type E - 400 ~ 470 MHz

RF Output Power: 5 Watt High (4W UHF) / 1 Watt Low

16  Channels

Voice Prompt Function, VOX Function, Priority Scanning,
                               PC Programmable, ComRep Facilities, DCS/CTCSS encoder/decoder
                               Time-out-Timer and BLCO.       

         Accessories:  Desktop Charger, Rubber duck Antenna, 
                                1200mAh Rechargeable Battery

QD16x Handheld Transceiver

User Manual


  QD Tracer MR 969 - VHF Mobile Radio

Freq. coverage: Type B -   54 MHz ~   60 MHz Lowband
                           Type C -   66 MHz ~   88 MHz Midband
                            Type D - 138 MHz ~ 174 MHz VHF

  Output power: 30 W Software Adjustable

         Channels: 100 channels / 200 Optional

            Coding: CTCSS fitted standard, DCS fitted standard.
                         5 Tone Signalling, All Formats ZVEI, EEA, EIA etc.
                          Base Call, ANI pre and post.

          Remarks: Comprep Facilities, Busy Channel Lockout.
                           Time Out timer, Camp On, Wide Band Tx and Rx.

                Scan: Normal Scan, Priority Scan 
                          Compulsory Scan, User Selected Scan.  

QD MR969 Mobile Transceiver

QD MR969 LCD Version

Optional LCD Face






Yaesu VR-120D Hand-Held Communications Receiver

 Yaesu VR-120D Handheld Receiver  

Freq. coverage:





100 kHz ~ 1299.995 MHz

640 Channels Memory Banks:
10 Banks @ 64 Channels each.


Dual Watch, Priority Channel Watch, Smart Search™ (Automatic Memory Loading), Programmable Band-Limit Memory Scan (PMS), Selected Memory Channel ("Preferential") Scan, Memory Bank Scan, Full Memory Scan, Cloning Capability to other VR-120s, S-Meter Buzzer, Menu Selection of Earpiece Antenna, Internal "Bar" Antenna for AM BC, Front-End Attenuator for Strong-Signal Conditions Battery-Saving Time-Out Timer Key Beeper On/Off selection, Front panel Key Lock

Yaesu VR-120D Receiver Brochure 


Not Imported Any

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