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Note:  Radio equipment is discontinued, we will repair radios when we have spares available. Batteries, antennas for Handhelds and Charges we will still be able supply for time being.

AnyTone   AT-289 MB, VHF or UHF Monobander Handheld transceiver

AnyTone AT-289 

Freq. coverage:

Output power:


Channel Spacing:

PLL Steps:




AT-289  MB - 66 ~ 88 MHz     
AT-289 VHF - 136 ~ 174 MHz

AT-289 UHF - 400 ~ 470 MHz

MB    0.5 / 2 / 5W
VHF  0.5 / 2 / 5W

UHF  0.5 / 2 / 4W

128 (8 banks of 16 Channels)

12.5 / 20 / 25 KHz

5 / 6.25 KHz

CTCSS, Digital Code Squelch & DTMF

Built-In Voice Scrambler & Voice announciation. Comes complete with Desktop Rapid Charger, Rubber duck Antenna, 1500mAh Lithium-Iron Rechargeable Battery.

A robust handheld transceiver, ideal for camping, boating, security and neighbourhood watches. Can also be used as licence free radios by setting output power to 0.5Watts.

 AnyTone AT-289 Thumb







 AnyTone  AT-588, VHF or UHF FM Mobile Transceiver 

AnyTone AT-588 VHF / UHF Transceiver  Main Features 
  • Affordable Analog Mobile Radio.  
  • Available in three different Frequency bands.  
  • Channel, Frequency or Name Readout.  
  • Remote control via Microphone - Optional

AnyTone AT-588 VHF User's Manual.jpg


AnyTone AT-588 VHF User's Manual



Frequency coverage:


Transmit Output power:

Channel Spacing:

PLL Steps:


Operating Voltage:


VHF Midband 66-88 MHz
VHF Highband 136-174 MHz
UHF 400-470 MHz

200 Channels

VHF - 60W/25W/10W
UHF - 45W/25W/10W

12.5Khz, 20Khz, 25Khz

5KHz, 6.25KHz, 8.33KHz, 10KHz, 12.5KHz, 15KHz, 20KHz, 25KHz, 30KHz, 50KHz

CTCSS, Digital Code Squelch & DTMF

13.8V DC ±10%

PTT ID and contact list;
Voice operated transmission (VOX);
Repeater/Talk around;
Busy channel lockout (BCLO);
Time-out Timer (TOT);
...and much more.





Antenna and installation excluded



Please note:  A valid radio license is required to purchase two-way radio transceivers.
However, a license is not required when buying license-free radios.

Icasa Radio License Application Forms download link